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Lifestyle counseling

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Want to improve your physical, mental, and emotional states of wellness and performance?  We can help!



A leading provider of patient-centred lifestyle medicine 

Statistically, one in every two Australians have at least one chronic disease with preventable lifestyle factors. Transformative Health Coaching is a leading provider of lifestyle medicine services.  Lifestyle medicine is a relatively new approach to the prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases, increasingly being recognised by Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an important new medical discipline to improving effectiveness of primary care.

Transformative Health Coaching takes a whole-of-person approach to helping our clients break through the barriers that have stood in the way of their health success in the past.  We use the latest medical technologies and tests, coupled with evidence-based health behaviour change interventions and techniques, to provide every client with a personalised health plan based on their unique epigenetic, biomedical data and psycho-emotional state.

Transformative Health Coaching specialises in working with clients with chronic health conditions, chronic pain, and those who have struggled to make sustainable long-term health behaviour changes.  We can work with you to:

  • reduce dependence on medication for lifestyle-related diseases

  • improve your immune responses

  • manage auto-immune conditions

  • identify and treat root causes of metabolic dysfunction

  • recover quickly from injuries and illnesses

  • optimise your weight and improve energy and fitness

  • test for and treat gut dysbiosis and intestinal parasites

  • optimise physical, mental and emotional wellness and performance


Our practitioners are qualified medical specialists and professional coaches / counsellors who focus on understanding your health goals more deeply to uncover the motivations that move you towards it and the limiting beliefs, poor habits and unconscious behavioural patterns that trip you up along the way.


We can partner with your doctor, personal trainer, and other allied health professionals to maximise your success in every aspect of your journey to optimal mind-body health and wellbeing.

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We use leading edge technologies and evidence-based behavioural assessments to develop highly personalised health plans for each client based on their unique epigenetic, biomedical data and psycho-emotional state to successfully treat, manage and prevent chronic health conditions and optimise health and wellness.



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