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We  use the latest medical technologies and behavioural assessment tools to conduct a full assessment of your epigenetic and biomedical condition and psychological motivations and attitudes as it relates to your health goals.


We are one of only few providers in Australia of Cell Well-Being Epigenetic Screening 
technology to provide personalised epigenetic mapping report and nutritional optimisaton strategies.

Where gut or intestinal issues are present, we will investigate your microbiome health to locate any inflammation, Irritable Bowl Disease (IBD) or pathogenic parasites.


We also conduct biomechanical assessments and Thermography scans to identify any injuries and/or physical and medical limitations might impact your health strategy. 


Our assessments are tailored to each individual’s needs and provide a comprehensive overview of their current health status to provide you with a detailed outline of what you can expect from us in terms of genuinely achievable results - not just hopeful promises and a clear roadmap towards achieving your health goals.

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